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Smart dashboard to equip your Honda Goldwing GL1500.


On demand options :

- Version to keep the original Honda gauge

- Custom hider (eg : "DAPI" in photos).

Display GL1500

  • This display will allow you to access all the practical information of your Goldwing GL1500. It is plug and play and is mounted at the location of the original Honda display.

    Specifications : 

    - Switching between unit systems:

    The display is provided with 2 integrated unit systems: US (imperial) and Metric.

    To switch between systems, you have to turn the clock button clockwise and keep it turned (+/- 10 sec.) until the text “Miles” or “Km” appears on screen. At that moment release the button and the display will switch all measures to the selected system.

    - The clock (GPS):

    Due to the use of a GPS receiver, the time and date are automatically updated. Depending on your location and the use of winter/summertime, a correction in + or - can be done to adapt the clock. Therefore, as for the original display, the clock button of the dashboard must be used.

    To increment the clock, turn the button clockwise until a “+1” appears on the screen and you release the button. After a few seconds, the clock will be updated. Use again the same procedure to add one more hour at the clock.

    To decrement the clock, turn the button counter clockwise until a “-1” appears on the screen and release the button. After a few seconds, the clock will be updated.

    Once the correction has been done the new time is stored in the memory of the display and stay there until a new clock change is done.

    - The speed (GPS):

    The speed of the bike calculated by the gps appears on screen when the bike is riding.

    If the radio is not connected or switched off the speed appears at the place of the yellow eagle in the center. If the radio is on, the speed appears in a smaller size at the place of the ambient humidity (middle lower section).

    - The gear engaged:

    The selection of the gearbox is indicated on screen. The bike provides signals for the N, 2,3,4,& OD. The first gear selection has no contact and is calculated by the display himself. For the 88 & 89 versions, only the OD and Neutral are provided and so, to visualize the 5 speeds and neutral, the switch located near the timing belt must be replaced by a more recent version (the part is available by Honda).

    - The on-board radio information (frequency, modulation, options, channel):

    The information provided by the original radio is displayed on screen. IF the radio is switched off, an yellow eagle is displayed at this place. If you are riding with the radio off, the speed is displayed here.

    - The fuel gauge:

    Represented by a bar graph, the fuel level is given in % (the bar graph) and in liter (written in the bar graph). The value indicated is a calculated average to avoid fluctuation of the value.

    - The coolant temperature:

    Represented by a bar graph, the coolant temperature is given in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on the chosen unit system. The indicated value is not a result of a calculated average but is the real immediate measure value of the temperature sensor.

    - The elevation (GPS):

    The elevation is a signal given by the GPS and allows the user to know his location above see level.

    - The pressure of the rear shock absorber:

    The pressure in Bar or PSI is visible on screen and will be updated by using the “P Check” button of the Air Pressure Control Unit. The value will be displayed in a large format in the center of the screen when the pressure is adapted. The pressure can be adapted even when ridding, but it is recommended to do the adjustment with the bike placed on the center stand.

    - The Ambient temperature and humidity:

    An additional sensor provided with the display is giving this information.

    - The battery voltage and current:

    A small module is installed near the battery and is measuring the current in both directions:

    • The loading current gives a plus value on screen and means that the generator is loading the battery.

    • The unloading current: gives a negative value and means that the battery is loosing its capacity by powering some consumers on the bike (lights, radio, CB, etc…).

    - The GPS heading:

    The GPS system is giving aditional information which is the heading you are driving.

    - The number of connections to GPS satellites:

    The GPS system needs at least 4 satellites to work correctly and to provide its information (clock, speed, heading, elevation, …) to the display. If the bike is located for example in a garage or underground the minimum of 4 satellites is not reached and “Goldwing GL1500” will replace the clock on the top of the screen.

    - The screen lighting selection (day/night mode)

    There is a possibility to switch between day and night vision by using the clock button.

    To switch between the modes, you turn the clock button clockwise until the +1 appears on screen. When the +1 is visible turn the button counterclockwise and keep it in this position until the screen changes its colors. Then release the button.

    To switch back to the other mode, use the same procedure.

    Please contact your dealer for any questions or remarks

  • Download the manual (FR/EN): here

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